YouTube to unveil subscription service



YouTube is to unveil a subscription service proposing original, exclusive videos – as well as feature-length films featuring high-profile vloggers.

YouTube Red will cost $9.99 (£6.50) a month and have no adverts, initially only available in the US.

Rooster Teeth, Lilly Singh and PewDiePie are amongst the famous names involved.

Analysts recommended it could be problematic to shot millions of fans who expect free access to pay up.

Brian Blau, an analyst with Gartner said “It’s great to realise YouTube propose a substitute to an ad-only model, consumers want options and choice.”

“But pay walls haven’t permanently done well and uptake depends on the pain of sitting through lots of ads and how users balance the attractiveness of the exclusive content.”


Ian Maude from Enders Analysis was also dubious about the size of the audience it would attract.

“You are not going to see 50% buying this, it’s going to be relatively small numbers” he said.

He added. “But, they might be able to hoover up some more money and from Google’s perspective it gets them into the high-quality, high-production value game.”

He said that YouTube, alike other video-streaming websites, was in quest of becoming a platform that showed original content it bankrolled not just programmes made by other organisations.

“Google has deep pockets and a lot of money and it’s a space it needs to be in so it makes sense to me that they would want to be there,” said Mr Maude.



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