With an estimate of £112 BILLION Apple rated ‘world’s most valuable brand’


After the launch of smartwatch and iPhone 6S aided to push up sales, Apple has been entitled as “the world’s most valuable brand”.

Conferring to the list of the top 100 brands put together by Interbrand, Google is second, whereas Coca Cola stood third.

According to the report, Apple has worth an estimated of $170.276 billion, which is equivalent of £112.177 billion.

Digital gaints – Microsoft and Samsung, lead the list with 13 technology brands in the top 100 – with Facebook – which just had its value grow by more than half (54%) in the past year.

Burberry coming 73rd in the list, was leading the charge for British brands.

Kate Moss, Romeo Beckham and Cara Delevingne have all fronted campaigns for the luxury clothes brand, which is valued at $5.873 billion (£3.869 billion).

Owned by German company BMW, The humble Mini, still made in Oxford, is a new entry at 98, whereas British car industrialist Land Rover is at 87 in the list.

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