What is SAP CRM Module & Features of SAP CRM

SAP CRM is one of the key modules in an organization which deals with handling customers efficiently. For today’s competitive market environment, it’s necessary that companies make changes in a dynamic environment and take care of all the key activities.

SAP CRM is known as integrated module by SAP that helps any organization to accomplish their business goals and allows them to perform all Customer Relationship tasks proficiently. CRM is one of the key components for making business strategy for medium to large scale organizations and it also helps in understanding the customers, their services and customer needs effectively.

SAP CRM is part of Enterprise Resource Planning and is used to implement customize business processes related to CRM and to integrate with SAP and non–SAP structures. SAP CRM allows an organization to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting the service expectation and providing products required by consumers.

SAP CRM – Overview

SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is key component of SAP Business Suite and it is used not only to fulfill an organization’s short term objectives, but also helps in reducing cost and increasing decision making ability by defining future approach. It also supports in achieving differentiated capabilities to compete effectively to meet long term goals.

SAP CRM includes the following sub modules that support key functions of the CRM −

  • SAP CRM Marketing
  • SAP CRM Sales
  • SAP CRM Analytics
  • SAP CRM Web Channel (E Marketing, CRM Mobile, etc.)
  • SAP CRM Service.
  • SAP Hybris
  • SAP CRM Interaction Center IC

SAP CRM provides you with several benefits, some of which are −

  • You can use flexible and process-based deployment options.
  • It allows you to use cross-industry and industry-specific end-to-end business processes.
  • It provides you an open adaptable technology platform powered by SAP NetWeaver.

Features of SAP CRM

SAP CRM is used to support all customer focused business areas like service, marketing, sales, etc.

SAP CRM is implemented for different customer interaction channels, such as Internet, Interaction Centre, and mobile for E-Commerce.

CRM Analytics that allows an organization to analyze all the information related to ley tasks related with customer management and use this analytical data for decision making and make future strategy by providing customers the products that they need, quality of service, assistance in sales related activities, complaint handling etc.

CRM Version History

  • SAP CRM 2008 (7.0) released in 2009 as part of SAP Business Suite 7.0.
  • SAP CRM 2007 (6.0) released in 2007.
  • SAP CRM 2006 (5.0) released in 2005.