Smell-o-vision gadgets to change how we live

The emerging wave of smell-o-vision gadgets is all set to change our lifestyles


Now you can actually expect waking up in the morning to the smell of coffee or a bacon or anything else.

Have you ever thought of striking a big hammer to your alarm clock? You’re not the only one. Of the sounds most likely to persuade temper, the alarm clock frequently tops the poll.

The 18-year-old French tech entrepreneur, Guillaume Roland created SensorWake, which is a smell-o-vision gadget, an alarm clock which gradually titillates your mind to consciousness with a stimulating and refreshing gust of aroma.

These capsules last 60 days and various options they offer the smell of bacon, candy, coffee, mint, croissants and also MONEY. Roland adds that in 99 percent of the time, it wakes you up in less than 2 minutes.

It is promptly greeted by Google in one of the 15 inventions which are going to “change the world”, tailed by an effective Kick-starter campaign — along with a salvo of scent appeals. “The eeriest ones remained gunpowder and garbage.” Garbage?! “Yes — but I think it might suck the happiness out of the user experience.”

The SensorWake is just one of a innovative and emerging wave of “smell-o-vision” gadgets coming our way. Currently labelled “olfactory technology” by Silicon Valley, one can think of the first cordite-scented movies and video games to land by next year.

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