Now SAP HANA 2 is on the way for even greater feats

SAP HANA has proven itself capable of handling the major data challenges. It is helping thousands of companies to store and maintain their data, and process it for better business insight.

For example, Reuters is using SAP HANA to process over 100 million survey results in real-time. With help of SAP HANA’s detailed, fast analytical capabilities Vodafone can identify tens of millions of revenue leakage points. Mercy Hospital has saved $13 million dollars across multiple procedures.

SAP HANA is enabling digital transformation through increased IT simplification, performance and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

SAP HANA 2 Record Breaker

Bernd Leukert said, “We weren’t even sure if we should enter the database business. Because we had a vision, we defined a path, & we walked that path so we can run better. And now HANA is a synonym for real time data processing, it’s helping us to achieve higher purpose by seamlessly connecting society, the environment and the economy.”

SAP HANA broke the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest database in 2014, it held 12.1 petabytes of raw data. This is enough to store the DNA of the whole population of the US – and then clone them, twice!

But data volumes are increases heavily because the use of online video and the Internet of Things. This means analytics, management and data storage are more important than ever.

Exact timing for super powerful SAP HANA 2!

Unchained for Innovation

SAP HANA 2 allows companies to manage even larger volumes of data through enhanced tiered storage. But that’s not enough.

Many companies must have their serious data available at all the times. What about online retailers whose product databases and online sales applications must be available 24/7. And if a catastrophe shuts down a hospital, and there is no access to data.

For that, SAP HANA 2 ensures high-availability and disaster recovery through system replication which offers back-up recovery enhancements to ensure critical data is still available in the event of a disaster or failure.

Those are some of the features that make SAP HANA 2 so useful for users. By transforming data and database management systems (DMS), SAP’s powerful platform frees them up for innovation. Firms can access their data any time, anywhere for any drive. New analytical tools and algorithms, improved search, text and graph data processing. With enhanced visualization make it easier for companies to access.

SAP HANA 2 also offers customers new or advanced tools and technologies with deployment options for the high-scale development and operation of native SAP HANA applications.