Guideline for SAP HCM (Human Capital Management)

SAP HCM is one of the main modules in SAP that plays a significant role in building an organized management in enterprises. SAP HCM consultants are some of the most wanted experts in the global market. Applicants need to fulfill some eligibility criteria to become qualified for opting SAP HCM exam. The eligibility standards are determined based on the SAP AG Education Policies. In general, candidates should have a 1 or 2 years of experience in SAP HCM module.

HCM is one of the key processes in organizations across industries. The overall idea on HR is related solely to recruiting. However HR is much beyond only recruiting. In an organization, HR not just hires employees but separates employees based on numerous factors such as payment days, department level, designations, payment details etc. Besides, numerous other works such as employee engagement, promotions and team motivation tasks are taken care of by the HR person. These works might sound very easy; but, working out all these for people of an entire association is not a simple work at all. To contour all such HR processes, SAP ERP operations are widely used. SAP HCM ERP is one of the most versatile software across industries.

SAP HCM Modules

  • Organizational Management
  • E-Recruitment
  • Personnel Administration
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • Reporting
  • ESS and MSS
  • Organizational Management: This procedure describes an organized way to make different people work under a common roof towards achieving a pre-defined goal. It ensures a smart management of resources and time in the workplace.
  • Personal Administration: his defines the process through which the HR of an association is managed. From the stage of recruiting through compensation, benefits, new member orientation, performance-appraisal etc. everything can be tracked and recorded through this process.
  • E-Recruitment: his method is an automated web-based recruiting process that assists HR professionals in hiring suitable talent. It discloses innovative ways of recruitment processes in a corporation.
  • Time Management: This process assists one in the processes of designing, recording and valuation of employee’s performance for some amount of time. The impact of employee’s presence and absence in the corporation is evaluated during this process. Also calculation of wages, attendance management, log-in and log-out report etc. are considered in this process.
  • Payroll: This process as the term defines is all about the pay-scale and compensations given away to employees. From salary to overtime pay, comp-off pay and compensation program, everything is calculated in this process.
  • ESS and MSS: Employee Self-Service helps employees to severally track various data of their tenure in an organization. On the other hand Management Self-Service is a dynamic process for the managers to create and maintain the information of employees.
  • Reporting: Finally, reporting allows HR team to deliver comprehensive and up to date data of all its employees. The reporting tool also permits one to track the graded structure followed in an organization.

These are the SAP HCM modules that allow HR team to work efficiently towards managing employee profiles and data within an organization.