Get HTML 5 training in London, before it explodes in popularity!


Based on the fastest growing keywords found in online job postings “HTML5” is currently the number 1 job trend.

If there was one programming language we could recommend you to learn for the long-term, it is HTML5. While native apps currently have a significant edge in form and functionality, HTML5 has all of the hallmarks of a disruptive technology. It allows for cross-platform compatibility on all devices and is economical to develop with. With time, HTML5 will get better and better and yield larger mass of the mobile application market.

Not in the next year, but in the upcoming three to five years HTML5 will develop as the standard programming language for the web. HTML5 will sort content on the web as much more collaborative. A website will be able to have the same features and functionalities as an instinctive app on Android or iOS, with the power of HTML5. It will probably bring around the online content publishing industry by making it easier for publishers to make money, and it will also consent new forms of monetization that likely have not been possible before.

If you already have basic HTML and CSS skills, it will be a lot easier to learn HTML5. You will be on the cutting edge of web development, if you can add HTML5 development to your skills as well. We’ve accumulated some excellent resources for HTML5 training in London.




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