Facebook malfunction lets some users see how many people have seen their posts


A Facebook anomaly has allowed some users to see accurately how many persons have seen their posts.

Several users first reported noticing on Wednesday, that the bug allowed some people to start noticing view counts following their posts. 

Although not in the official app, many have posted on Twitter reporting the same issue; it was currently only present on Facebook’s mobile site.

Facebook is supposedly occupied to fix the problem, as the feature is only envisioned for the social networking site’s internal usage. 

A functionality called “reach”, which is analogous but not identical to the view count, is usually only observable to page owners for their own posts, but individual users should not be able to realise any kind of figures outside the number of shares and likes, not even for their own posts.

Facebook has no strategies to let users to realize how many people their posts have reached – beyond the existing “like” and “share” options.

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