Desktop Whatsapp Web iOS made compatible with iPhones


The Whatsapp desktop version has been launched which is made compatible with iPhone, its months after the original launch.

The Whatsapp chat app had earlier launched its web service, this year for Google Chrome users, but it wasn’t compatible with Apple’s iOS.

The new update allows iPhone users to scan a QR code from their screen to link the app on their phone to the new Whatsapp web.

The new Whatsapp web service allows users to view their previous conversations and respond to their messages using a computer.

Whatsapp users can open the app with their phone then choose settings, and then click Whatsapp Web for using the web version of the messenger.

For desktop computers, users should visit the site from there they will be shown the QR code for scanning for the app.

The service, once connected, allows people to communicate to their contacts from the computer as well, it still retains the conversation messages on the mobile app.

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