Selenium Web Driver Training

Selenium Web Driver Training

Selenium Web Driver Training

Entry Requirements:


Candidate should have the basic understanding of HTML, Java code and how Web Pages are developed.


Some programming experience would be advantageous  – The course is based on using Web Driver with Java & Junit, but does not teach you Java as you can use a variety of programming languages with Web Driver.


Selenium Training:


This Selenium Training course is targeted for individuals/teams and manual testers. Who have no prior experience in Selenium, any programming language or any other test automation tools, Course will start with a brief introduction of automation and Programming concepts. Later will tread through to the point where you will be comfortable writing your own Selenium tests. Course ends with a project where you have to write tests based on given sets of requirements. These tests will be graded and will gauge your comfort level with Selenium. This course is designed for those who work as individual contributors in their team or want to clear interviews of Selenium specific jobs. At the end of this course you will be able to actively participate in Selenium based projects. Participants will be able to clear Selenium based job interviews.

Selenium Course Content:


At high level the course will be covering the following topics:


  • An introduction to test automation
  • Return on investment when automating
  • When automation is appropriate and when it’s not – Selecting the tests that are best suited to automation
  • Test-driven development and continuous integration
  • Automated regression testing and selecting tests for automation
  • How to plan strategy to start automation from scratch in your company
  • Creating test data
  • core Java programming concepts
  • Selenium IDE Basics
  • Eclipse, JUnit, Selenium RC, ANT
  • Basics of Core Java and JUnit using Selenium Server (Remote Control)
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework
  • Selenium Hybrid Framework using WebDriver
  • Selenium GRID, TESTNG framework implementation, ANT Build
  • Selenium SVN & Maven
  • Selenium Integration with Jenkins

Intermediate to Expert level – Selenium Web Driver Training Course


Selenium Training with WebDriver is 8 weeks program (only weekends). It requires 8 classes spread out over eight sessions and each session is a 3 hours. This course will give you a solid understanding of selenium WebDriver, different modules and prepare you for writing automation scripts and setup a framework using selenium with java. You will find the complete course content below.




1. Automation: A brief introduction to automation and the need for automation. How automation will enable you to beat competition and make you get the better jobs in market.


a. ROI in automation
b. How to define automation test strategy


2. Introduction to Selenium IDE and its installation


3. Java for QA: This class will set you up for understanding Basic OOPs and java concepts. These concepts will be extremely important for you to become a good Automation tester. This section is specially designed so that can be followed by any Manual test very easily.




4. Eclipse IDE: This topic might seem little off place here but it’s very important topic to understand the tool you are using. Eclipse will the primary choice of development environment and we will discuss features of eclipse here.


5. Set up Eclipse: We will start with setting up Web Driver, so that every participant start flaunting off their newly learnt skills by writing some cool test programs.


6. Web Driver Interface: This topic will make you familiar with the concept of browsers in Web Driver and how to launch basic Firefox browser using Web Driver. Here we will also talk about Web Driver & Web Element interface which will enable us to answer many complicated Interview Questions about Web Driver Implementation.




7. Browser & Navigation Commands: This is something which everybody do very first thing when they learn Selenium. Opening & closing of browser and some navigation function on top of it.


8. Web Element Commands: An important and basic need of Selenium Automation. This part enables every participant to start writing automation test in their organizations. These are the most commonly used operations on any website.


9. Locators Strategy: In this class we will start learning about HTML, how elements are defined inside HTML document and what are the different attributes that are associated with an HTML element. We also try to find elements based on its attribute values.




10. Element Identification: This part explains the lifesaver Add-Ons & tools for Selenium. Finding elements are the most common activity carried out in Selenium. These tools give us power to easily identify complex elements and help us in saving lot of time.


11. Tables, Checkboxes & Radio buttons: Many applications involve use of web tables and list boxes. These skills will help participant to get the expertise on complex tables structures and write effective automation test.


12. Selenium Waits, Alert & Switch Windows: A little complexity will start now onwards. To use Waits effective is very important for every automation tester. Wait helps us in switching windows, handling pop-ups, operating alerts correctly.




13. Selenium Framework Discussion: In this class we will explore some major frameworks by looking at the code and understanding the key component of the framework.




14. Design Selenium Hybrid Framework: In this class we will explore some major frameworks by looking at the code and understanding the key component of the framework. A demo website will be taken and framework will be built on top of that which will simulate actual project scenario.




15. Overview of Maven Build Tool: Maven is a build tool and it performs task just like Ant which is again a different build Tool.


16. Over View of Continuous Integration (CI): Command-line execution, Integration with source control, integration with Jenkins and automating Test execution.




17. Project: You will get an opportunity to work on demo project to practice what you have learnt during this training.


18. Selenium Interview Question
19. Feedback and Q& A Session with every session

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