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Course Introduction:

ITTrainer Guru provides SAP SD training in London for those who wants to learn SAP SD. In today’s competitive market, individuals who possess essential business and technological skill enjoy a significant advantage over their peers. This is particularly true if your expertise includes SAP software. The SAP SD Certification course provides that competitive edge. When you are sap certified, you join a distinguished community of experts recognized globally. Today more than 14,000 consultants and users worldwide are part of this exclusive community.


Module and your Career:

Today companies across the globe are using SAP ERP to plan, execute, and analyze sales operations throughout the sales cycle. With this reliance on SAP ERP for Sales and Distribution comes the need for consultants who are experts in SAP ERP’s SD module.

SAP Sales & Distribution (SAP SD) module equips you with the knowledge on how SAP ERP applications optimize all the tasks and activities carried out in sales, delivery and billing. In addition, the certification goes hand-in-hand with an exponential career growth.

Within an Organization As a SAP Certified Consultant a leading company could absorb you. Based on your experience and your functional expertise, you would start as a consultant or gain lateral entry as a Project Manager. The exposure you get will be the much-needed catalyst for your compensation package to climb more than a few notches.

As an Independent ConsultantAs an SAP functional consultant you can work independently and your earning potential becomes that much higher. You would be the one person that companies across the globe turn to for all their SAP related needs.

As an SAP Trainer Employees of most SAP customers require extensive training and who better to provide that than you – an SAP Certified Consultant. With your SAP SD Certification course and a few years of experience, you also have the option of becoming an SAP Trainer.

SAP SD Certification Course Wembley

SD Module Overview:

  • Processes in Sales and Distribution
  • SAP structure and SD Components: Overview
  • Sales Organization: Structure, contents, creation and assignment
  • Basics in SD: Transactions
  • Sales Document structure
  • Presales process: Steps to a complete Sales Document

Cross-Module Overview:

  • Overview: Supply Chain Process and how SD fits
  • SD and FI (Finance): Relationship, integration points
  • SD and MM (Materials Management): Relationship, integration points

Sales Order Creation:

Understanding business needs and system requirements

  • Sales Order processing from the SAP point of view
  • Sales Order generation: Background/invisible processes
  • Master Data
  • SD Document Flow: Exploring linkages
  • SD Document Changes and Blocks

Sales Document Types:

Behavior and control of Sales Documents

  • Objectives and importance
  • Function and process
  • Sales Document Types: Comparison
  • Controlling Sales Document Types
  • Customizing for sales process assignment to specific sales areas

Sales Document Type modification with Item Category:

  • Overview: Item Category functionality
  • Item Category determination and customization
  • Item Category creation; linking to customized Sales Document Types
  • BOM : Bills of Materials in Sales Documents

Schedule Line Categories:

Sales Document and Line Item Scheduling Control

  • Overview: Process and functions
  • Schedule line relationship with a Sales Document type and its categories
  • Creating and linking schedule line categories to Sales Document types

Detailed Document Flow

  • Document flow: Processes and statuses
  • Usage of Copy Control Sales Documents

Special Business Sales processes

  • Understanding Sales Order Types and corresponding follow-on processes
  • Understanding Output Types
  • Consignment

Incomplete Sales Documents

  • Incompletion Rule: Behaviour and impacts
  • Customizing
  • Incompletion Log: Controlling

Business Partner determination in SD

  • Overview: What is it?
  • Partner functions in the sales process
  • Customer Master and Account Group
  • Role of Partner function per Account Groups
  • Procedure: Partner determination
  • Customization

Outline Agreements

  • Understanding the purpose
  • Outline Agreement scheduling
  • Open Outline Agreements: Messages
  • Quantity contracts
  • Contract data activation
  • Dates in Contract Agreements
  • Rental contracts
  • Value contracts
  • Item Category customization in the Value contract
  • Partner release authorization

Material Determination

  • Material Inclusion and Material Exclusion
  • Creation of the Material Determination Master Record
  • Material Listing and Material Exclusion product selection
  • Determination Procedure

No-charge Goods Sales Process

  • Overview: Understanding the concept
  • Master Data
  • Calculation Rule
  • Conditions
  • Customizing

Course Duration – 16 Days

Course Completion:

After completing this SAP SD certification course you will be receiving a SAP SD course completion certificate. We are experts in these fields and if you have any doubts or need any help with you career choice, please speak to one of our trainers.

Gain awesome skills and on-the-job experience with an internship.

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