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SAP HANA Training in London

SAP HANA Training


 SAP HANA Training in London

SAP HANA is the latest addition to SAPs growing technology portfolio, what was once just a possibility now becomes a reality. This next generation of SAP’s in-memory technology provides a multi-purpose, in-memory appliance, giving organizations the power to gain instant insight into business operations while enabling them to react quickly to changing business conditions. SAP HANA training in London lets business users immediately access, model and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data in real-time from virtually any data source and in a single environment, without affecting existing applications or systems.

SAP HANA Certification Course


• Introduction to SAP HANA
• SAP In-Memory Strategy
• HANA compare to BWA

Look & Feel

• In-Memory Computing Studio
• Administration view
• Navigator View
• System Monitor
• Information Modeler


• Architecture Overview
• IMCE and Surroundings
• Row Store
• Column Store
• Loading data into HANA
• Data Modeling
• Reporting
• Persistent Layer
• Backup & Recovery

Data Provisioning

Method 1 – Data Provisioning using FLAT FILES
Method 2 – Data Provisioning using BODS 4.2 (ETL Based Approach – Building AGILE Data Marts)
  1. Features of SAP Data Services solution for SAP HANA
  2. Process of loading data from ECC to SAP HANA using the ETL method
Method 3 – Data Provisioning using SLT
  1. SAP Landscape Replication server for HANA
  2. Key benefits of SLT replication server
  3. Key benefits of Trigger-Based Approach
  4. Architecture for SAP source replication
  5. Architecture for Non-SAP source replication
  6. Configuration and monitoring Dashboard
  7. Creating new Configuration for SAP Sources
  8. Creating New Configuration for Non-SAP sources
  9. Result of Creating new Configuration
  10. Launching Data provisioning UI in HANA studio
  11. Start Load/Replication
  12. Stop/Suspend replication
  13. Status Monitoring in HANA Studio
  14. SLT based transformation Concept
  15. Advanced replication settings
  16. Change of table structuring and partitioning
  17. Filtering and selective data replication
Method 4 – Data Provisioning using Direct Extractor Connection (DCX)
  1. Using SAP provided Business Content Extractor
  2. ABAP Data Flows for Table and Pool clusters
Method 5 – SAP HANA Smart Data Access


  1. Purpose of Information Modeler
  2. Levels of Modeling in SAP HANA
  3. Attribute Views
  4. Analytic Views
  5. Calculation Views
  6. Creating Advanced Calculation Views using GUI and SCRIPT methods
  7. Creating Attribute Views, Analytical Views, Calculation Views for FI scenarios, COPA scenarios, Sales Scenarios, Purchasing Scenarios and Marketing Scenarios
  8. Export & Import – Server and Client sides
  9. Using Hierarchies (Level Based and Parent-Child Hierarchies)
  10. Creating Restricted and Calculated Measures
  11. Using Filter Operations
  12. Using Variables, input parameters
  13. SAP HANA SQL Introduction
  14. SQL Script and Procedures
  15. Using Currency Conversions, Create hyperlinks
  16. Persistency Considerations
  17. SAP HANA Engine Overview
  18. Choosing Views For Information
  19. Using SAP HANA Information Composer for Modeling
  20. Procession Information Models
    • Validating Models
    • Comparing Versions of Information Objects
    • Checking Model References
    • Generate Auto Documentation
  21. Connecting Tables
    • Joins (Inner, Left Outer, Right Outer, Full Outer, Text, Referential and Union)
  22. Managing Modeling Content
    • Manage Schemas
    • Import and Export data Models
    • Copy Information Objects


  1. HANA, Reporting Layer
  2. SAP HANA Design studio
  3. SAP HANA Lumira
  4. Others & MS Excel 2010

User Management

  1. Creation of Users
  2. Creation of Roles
  3. Creation of Role Hierarchy
  4. Assignment of Users to Roles
  5. Authentication
  6. IMCE Authorizations

Security and Authorizations

  1. User Management and Security
  2. Types of Privileges
  3. Template Roles
  4. Administrative

Concepts of SAP BW 7.4 on HANA

  1. BW 7.3 powered by SAP HANA
  2. In-memory optimized Infocubes
  3. In-memory optimized DSO’s
  4. Migration concepts of BW 7.0 on traditional Database to BW 7.4 on SAP HANA
  5. Migrating standard Infocubes to In memory optimized Infocubes using migration Tool
  6. Migrating standard DSO’s to In-memory optimized DSO’s using migration Tool

Text Search and Analysis

  1. Full Text Search Overview
  2. Data Types and Full Text Indexes
  3. Using Full Text Search

SP12 new Features and Functionality

  1. Migrating analytical view and attribute views to graphical calculation views
  2. Migrate to script-based calculation views to table functions and graphical calculation views
  3. Migrate classical XML-based Analytic privileges
  4. Remote calculation views as a data source in multi database scenarios
  5. Prune data in union nodes
  6. Additional aggregation functions for measures
  7. Create expressions in SQL language

HANA Certification Guidelines

  1. Sample questions and documentation for HANA certification provided (C_HANAIMP_10)


  1. Designing SAP HANA Tables for Sales, Finance and Inventory scenarios
  2. Designing Attribute Views, Analytical Views and Calculations Views for Sales, Finance and Inventory scenarios

Course Completion

After completing our SAP HANA training course you will be able to use SAP HANA features in your web projects. After completing SAP HANA training in London, UK training you will receive a course completion certificate. After the SAP HANA training in London, Uk course if you have any problems or questions regarding SAP HANA do not hesitate to contact us. We are experts in these fields and if you have any doubts or need any help with you career choice, please speak to one of our trainers.

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