Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer

Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer

Course Content:


Lesson # Lesson Name Approx. Duration
1 Introduction to Bigdata and Hadoop Ecosystem 3 hrs
Traditional/Legacy Data Management Models
Challenges with traditional/legacy Data Management Models
Hadoop & it’s need
The Hadoop Ecosystem
2 HDFS and Hadoop Architecture 3 hrs
Core Architecture of Hadoop
Short intro about various components of Hadoop echo system components
Various file formats of HDFS
3 MapReduce and Sqoop 3 hrs
Mapreduce Framework Overview & it’s importance
Use cases of MapReduce framework
Sqoop Overview & Use cases
Imports & Exports
Various configurations of Sqoop
4 Hive and Pig 3 hrs
Hive and Pig Overview
Hive and Pig Use cases
Various Hive table formats
Hive data file partitioning
Components of Pig
Examples of Hive and Pig
5 Flume and HBase 3 hrs
Flume and Hbase Overview
Architecture of Flume
Use cases of Fluem
Flume configurations
Architecture of Hbase
Use cases of HBase
Data Storage in Hbase
6 Functional Programing with Scala 3 hrs
Functional Programing introduction
Need for functional programing
Scala basics
7 Basics of Apache Spark & Components 3 hrs
Spark Introduction
Use cases of Spark
Spark Architecture
Various modules of Spark
8 RDDs(Resilient Distributed Datasets), DataFrames 3 hrs
Introduction to RDDs & DataFrmaes
Need for RDDs and DFs
Various operation (Transformation & Actions) on RDDs & DFs
9 Programing with Spark 3 hrs
Developing and running spark applications
Using transformations, actions and SparkSQL
Running Spark application in various modes
10 Complete Course Reacp & QA 3 hrs
Quick Recap of important topics in course
Any specific Qustions and clarifications
Current trends in industry
Suggistions to choose career path

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