Apple introduces new features of iOS 9


Apple to ‘game shame’ iPhone customers: The new iOS 9 feature will reveal how much time YOU waste playing Candy Crush and checking Facebook

  • This new feature is comprised in iOS 9 and could be found in the Settings menu
  • In terms of time spent using them, it gives a list of the most used apps to the users,
  • This list makes it obvious, in the background too which apps are using battery
  • Apple has also launched the Low Power Mode to help users conserve battery 

iPhone users can find this information with the latest software, in the ‘Settings’ menu > ‘Battery’, before tapping the clock icon at the top right of the list of apps.

Adding to the new feature. Users can also see how much time they spent interacting with an app and how much time for running in the background.

They can then see an analysis of their activity for the past eight or 24 hours, at the top of the list with the apps they have spent the most time on, and at the bottom with the least used.

In june, at worldwide developer’s conference, Apple declared a feature, ‘Low Power Mode ‘ that will be launched with iOS 9. The feature is also set up in the Battery menu in Settings.

iOS will prompt a user if they would like to switch on the feature, when the phone’s battery plummets less than 20 per cent,

It stop automatic downloads and apps as well as emails refreshing, to help a handset last longer. This feature gets automatically deactivated once the device is plugged in again.

iOS 9 is also offering a cleverer keyboard, dynamic wallpapers and a smart news app.

Apple is also adding to the benefits by introducing an app that will make it easy for Android users to switch to iOS.

This app called ‘Move to iOS’, will securely transfer message, contacts, camera photos and videos, history, mail accounts, web bookmarks, wallpaper, calendars and DRM-free songs and books. Elsewhere, the Move to iOS app will help users to rebuild their app library.

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