Amazon ‘fake reviews’: Online giant to sue more than 1,000 people


Amazon, the online retail giant is taking up legal actions counter to more than 1,000 those it claims be responsible for forged reviews on its website.

The company said its brand was being blemished by “misleading, false and fake” reviews in a lawsuit filed in the US.

It now dues 1,114 defendants, with most promising 5-star reviews for a seller’s products, dubbed “John Does”, offer false reviews for as little as £3.25 on the website

In April Amazon litigated a number of websites over claims that they were peddling false reviews.

In spite of effective efforts to eliminate such ads from the site before, Amazon said taking away individual listings does not provide a strong enough deterrent to those “bad actors engaged in purchasing and creating fraudulent product reviews” or address the “root cause” of the issue.

“Amazon is bringing this action to safeguard its customers from this misconduct, by stopping defendants and uprooting the ecosystem in which they contribute”, Said the legal action:

The firm had investigated the defendants and also found many of them request text from the sellers for the reviews, and took steps to evade detection by means of multiple accounts and unique IP addresses.

It added that the defendants acted in the knowledge that Amazon does not allow paid for or fictional reviews. Amazon described itself as “Earth’s most customer-centric company” and detailed how it established the system of customer reviews before 20 years.




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