After his comments on Muslims, Donald Trump’s business empire targeted by ‘Anonymous’ hackers


Donald Trump’s business domain has been under attack by hacking group ‘Anonymous’ in the stir of his debated comments about Muslims. 

The website for Trump Towers was taken offline for around an hour today, the Republican Presidential hopeful’s glitzy skyscraper in Manhattan.

In a tweet Anonymous said: “As statement against racism and hatred, Trump Towers NY site taken down. (what you see is cloudflare offline backup)”.

Earlier this week, the group posted a video on YouTube with a message that read: “You have been warned Mr. Donald Trump, think twice before you speak anything.”

Reuters said, a spokesperson for Trump Towers was not closely available for a comment.

It comes after Mr Trump flickered uproar with a chain of remarks after two Muslims killed 14 people in California, who the FBI said had been radicalised.

His most quarrelsome comments saw him call for an outright ban on Muslims inflowing the US. He also recommended police in London were frightened for their lives because certain areas of the city had developed so “radicalised”.

A loose-knit international network of activist hackers, Anonymous or “hacktivists,” is popular for hurling cyber-attacks on groups such as the attacks in Paris last month that killed 129 people following Islamic State.




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