A new lab in London examines our relationship with technology


Maximum of us will confess we need a digital detox, but our speeding lives don’t always sanction for that. Still we need to respond to our boss’ emails and answer calls, so being totally freed can be problematic. For this, a research and design house in London considers we should familiarize to our digital lifestyle in spite of cutting off our devices totally.

Vinaya, previously known as Kovert, constructs tools and products to aid us accomplish that. The company opened a new lab on Nov 1, in London to study the relationship between technology and humans. The company’s three-story building stocks a studio and lab, which will progress products grounded on the lab’s research.

The firm perceives itself as a “modern science hub that encourages cross-pollination of a range of expertise in order to better understand the human psyche.” Ultimately, it’ll open its third-floor doors as a sort of forum for intellectuals and experts to hold activities and spend time like experiments and science lectures.

The lab’s research focuses on areas such as hyperconnectivity, stress, human connection, happiness, tranquility, depression and productivity. The team currently consists of six neuroscientists, an anthropologist, a philosopher, and a psychologist, according to Fast Company. They’ll also have access to a “Brain Board,” experts from local universities who study areas such as sleep, ADHD and artificial intelligence. The lab also contains monitoring systems to track brain activity, heart rate, cortisol levels and technology-addiction loops.

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